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World market long term strategic partnership model

MIO always maintains the strategy of limited and selective strategic partners in each market. MIO will never operate any business activity that could bring adverse impact to our long term strategic partners in every market.

MIO understand growth and success through close and strategic partnership significantly. We distinctly understand the significance of every strategic partner. We fully understand the strategic significance and great value of long term strategic partnership.

In many cases, world customers will purchase numerous agrochemical products and need to keep contacts with many Chinese agrochemical factories. Due to various factory scales, the quality of human resources being different, management level and style being different, which will certainly result in various problems frequently for most of world customers, including inefficient communication, unstable product quality, lack of price competitiveness, incapable registration support, the problem of insufficient supply capacity, uncompetitive terms of the deal, shirk the factory responsibility when encounter disputes, etc. Those problems result in troublesome to customers and waste of time. It makes customers cannot be away from the complicated and low efficiency purchasing work because of the numerous problems, and will eventually affect the marketing and reputation in customer's local market in an adverse way.

MIO China agrochemical strategic alliance model will resolve those problems efficiently and comprehensively based on our mature and successful experience. We will not only bring you satisfactory with our gratifying supply solution but also ensure you to achieve healthy development in local marketing and sales.

We are strictly implementing strategic partnership policy. We are committed to support MIO world long term strategic partners with MIO vast resources and capabilities. MIO is seeking superior performance to maximum the benefit of our long term strategic partnership.

MIO plays the role of a firm and stable bridge between Chinese agrochemicals and world market. We will make the world customers knows exactly which production factory that they placed the order, make every of our strategic alliance factories knows the exporting market and ultimate buyer for each batch of products that they produced, make our international customers and our strategic alliance factories becomes long term friends, make the MIO strategic alliance factories and MIO world customers maximize their benefits mutually.

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