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China agrochemical strategic alliance model

MIO in China is a well-known and respected company. We engaged in agrochemical production and marketing for twenty-six years so far. We are enjoying a good reputation and credibility in China agrochemical industry. We are not only producing and selling of our own products with superior performance, but also established long-term strategic cooperation alliance with numerous well-known agrochemical factories which have good creditability, technology and production advantages, including many Chinese listing corporations, the state owned enterprises, as well as private-owned factories which have rapid development and excellent performance.

We have established successful and effective strategic cooperation for numerous products and ultimately achieved the goal of maximally benefit our world customers and strategic alliance factories by comprehensively and transparently sharing resources, so that our world customers can firmly enjoy more outstanding product quality, more competitive price and more professional commercial and logistic service.
We are continuously investing capital to our strategic alliance factories according to various demands of our strategic alliance factories that use for expanding the registration profile, establishment of new production line, expansion of production capacity, expansion of liquidity, etc. We also take the strong technological strength of MIO powerful R & D center, continuously provide competitive technology supporting to our strategic alliance factories that including optimization of synthetic route, new developed or optimized formulation recipes, etc. We also provide the strong sales security and transparent international market information to our strategic alliance factories timely. Based on our China agrochemical strategic alliance model, we can firmly ensure that our strategic alliance factories can always stand at the forefront of technology and market information.

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